Columbus Ohio HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor

Columbus Ohio HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor

At Sophia Beynen, M.D. Franklin County HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor based practice HCG diet plans have been used to help countless patients that are experiencing weight loss resistance to achieve their weight loss goals and lead healthier lives. The HCG hormone is produced naturally in females and works with the hypothalamus to trigger the release of fat stores to supplement nutrients if the woman cannot take in enough on her own during pregnancy. When used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet in a patient that is not pregnant, the HCG hormone works with the body in a similar way to burn stubborn fat reserves for nutrients. This allows patients on an HCG diet plan to eat a very low-calorie diet while taking daily HCG supplements to lose amazing amounts of weight without the negative side effects of hunger or starvation.

Most people lose around one pound per day on the diet, and they are able to keep the weight off after concluding the diet. With a properly administered HCG diet plan by Franklin County medical professionals, patients can take advantage of safe and effective weight loss with a medical weight loss plan on the cutting edge of medical science.

Maintaining HCG Weight Loss

Most patients are able to maintain their desired body weight after completing an HCG diet plan; however, there are a few mistakes patients may make that can cause them to regain the weight lost on the HCG diet. If the patient resumes unhealthy eating habits after completing an HCG diet plan, it is inevitable that he or she will begin to regain weight. Patients that attempt to continue the same low calorie diet after HCG hormone supplementation has ceased may also experience weight gain as their bodies will go into starvation mode and store every available fat for self preservation. Finally, patients that do not implement some kind of exercise program or physical activity into his or her daily life may also experience weight gain after completing an HCG diet plan as they are not staying active enough to burn the calories being taken in every day. Some of the ways patients can keep the results of their individualized Franklin County HCG diet plan include:

Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Some argue that the success of the HCG diet is only attributed to the low-calorie diet; however, without the use of HCG, a 500 calorie diet would cause the body to store fats for energy and metabolize muscle mass and structural fats for sustenance. This would result in the dieter feeling miserable with hunger and experience intense food cravings and exhaustion. It would cause an obese person to look unhealthy, feel tired, and maintain excess fat on the body. No matter how few calories are being taken in, a person’s body would still not access the unwanted fat stores. For this reason, if a person attempts to eat the same low calorie diet he or she was eating while taking the HCG hormone, they are sure to regain their weight because it will disrupt the metabolism and hold onto everything taken in and store it away as fat. When the patient skips meals, pounds may come back, despite eating healthy low-calorie foods. Therefore, it is essential to eat regular meals. Columbus Ohio HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor, Sophia Beynen, M.D. can help guide Franklin County patients towards healthy eating habits even after the diet has finished.

Making Healthy Food Choices

The Franklin County HCG diet allows people that are obese to prepare the body by first eating specific high fat foods to ensure adequate fat reserves, so the body is directed to the unwanted fat that has been locked away from regular metabolism instead of the needed structural fats. However, after the HCG diet has concluded, patients must continue to eat healthy foods that consist of lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and whole non-processed grains. People that go back to diets high in sugars, fats, and oils will inevitably begin to regain weight.

Implementing an Exercise Program

Exercise is essential to maintaining weight loss and preventing obesity. It also works to aid in healthy heart function. While on the HCG diet, it is not advisable to observe an exercise program as it can interfere with the function of the HCG hormone. However, after the diet is completed, some form of physical exercise should be done at least a few times a week. Exercises may consist of walking, biking, yoga, dancing, tai ji, qi gong, running, weight training, swimming, or anything that involves maintaining an elevated heart rate to burn calories. Exercise should be an enjoyable activity, and a Franklin County specialist can help patients choose a safe and effective plan for exercising after they have completed an HCG diet plan and achieved their weight loss goals.

Columbus Ohio HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor, Sophia Beynen, M.D. has successfully used HCG diet plans to help Franklin County patients lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals. A Columbus Ohio HCG Medical Weight Loss program may be the answer to your obesity and weight loss challenges.